Today I found myself very very sad.

Usually when this happens, there is no reason. However, this  time there was a reason.  Since I knew the reason, I decided to find ways to distract myself.

I hope this helps someone else.

1. Call your boyfriend, friend, family member. 

My boyfriend is a really cool guy. He knows the struggles of depression and is always willing to call me when I get like this. Not only does he let me complain if I need to, he is amazing at getting me to think about other things.

While reaching out can be scary and really really difficult, it’s almost always rewarding.

2.  Funny Movies.

I have a depression movie list – Zoolander, Shaun of the Dead, Dirty Dancing, Easy A.

Dirty Dancing isn’t really a comedy it’s just my favorite movie ever. But seriously, put on a movie that you know makes you laugh.

shaun of the dead

3. YouTube

If movies aren’t really your thing, I highly suggest watching Jenna Marbles.

Favorite Video #1


Favorite Video # 2

This one is really sweet guys

4. Get out of the damn house

This is really hard, I know. I missed many classes because I just didn’t have energy. What I do, when I’m able, is to plan something yummy I want for dinner or something I want to bake. Cooking/baking can be very therapeutic. So, plan something out, and go to the store. Just leaving the house for a very little bit can be so very helpful.


And then you get cookies.


Adult coloring books are super popular right now. I’m impatient and they are usually too intricate for me so I often download free coloring pages and print them. I prefer Disney.

But this keeps your mind off your problems and it’s super relaxing


(here’s a free one I found for you guys).

6. Go to the water.

I’ve always loved being by the water. I could sit by a river for hours and just watch. If there is a lake, river, ocean, close to you, go to it. If not, a bath is also relaxing.

I think it’s very important for you to feel your emotions. Don’t hold back your tears, you’ll feel better to let it out.

But once you start feeling the dead, emptiness inside of you, I think you’re in need of a distraction.


And finally

7. Talk to me.

I will literally talk to anyone about anything. I’m here for you guys.




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