Searching for purpose

mayday parade

For those of you who follow me on social media, you may have noticed I’m doing an unemployment countdown.

I think my need to quit started when I had an uber passenger who was a corporate something rather for big fast food chains. He told me, that as a manager, I should be making $40k a year, instead of my measly $14k. He gave me his contact information and told me to send out my resume and he’d help me get a better paying job.

As completely wonderful and kind and generous that man was, I don’t want to be a manager at a restaurant. I hate telling people what to do because all I’m ever met with is attitude. And I can’t take it.

After my encounter with him, I started overthinking everything, as I tend to do.

I’m not making enough money to make ends meet, I hate my job, my coworkers act like friends and take things I say and spread it around the store… Why am I here?

The second strike was asking for father’s day off months ago and not getting it. I told my dad I was upset, I have reason to believe my boss peaked over my shoulder and read my messages because she stood behind me for awhile, said something, and walked away. After that, she changed my schedule to have father’s day off, which means I would work 14 days in a row without a break, and she also cut my hours from 40 to roughly 29.

I was on my break at work, when I decided to see how much money I would make if I did uber full-time. If I made $50 a day, at a minimum, for two weeks, I’d make more than I do at my current job. And that was the final strike. Right after I did the math, I sent in my resignation letter, and felt the weight fall off my shoulders.

So, that’s why I’m quitting, kind of.

I recently graduated college, save one class, and I feel lost in this world. I’m sure this is a common 20-something-year-old-college-graduate problem, but I feel like I’m different.

Psychology and helping people is my passion, but I did so poorly in school. I couldn’t get into grad school if I paid them… I can’t get a job in my field…I don’t know how to fulfill my passion. Every job requires a Master’s, which I just can’t get, and god damn I hate school.


So. During my 20-something-year-old-college-graduate breakdown, I quit my job, to ideally find myself. Find why I’m here. Find what I’m good at.

So, on that note, 12 days until I’m unemployed, and I’m scared shitless.




One thought on “Searching for purpose

  1. might yield new job direction for you in HR or preschool teaching. With low unemployment rate in Colorado, small companies should give you options.


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