Fifteen years later…

I was 8 when the abuse stopped. My dad rescued me from my living hell and I was finally reunited with my brother.

After 2 years of daily physical and emotional abuse from my step father, I was a different person.

I still am a different person. I have lived fifteen years without physical abuse and I still flinch when someone I love lifts their hand.

I still think everyone hates me.

I still think I’m too blame for the majority of life’s problems.

I can’t let things go. When people say hurtful things to me, I believe them. I cling to them no matter how many people tell me that their words are not true.

After two years in hell, the past fifteen years of my life have been affected.

I still notice the side effects– the leftovers from two years of abuse.

So I’m sorry I flinch when you move, or break down when you’re angry… it’s been lodged in my brain to prepare for the worst.


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